Different Side of Gaga

lady-gaga-birthdayPeople usually see other people when they are at their top position. There is no doubt that this is something which can be seen often from the celebrities including Lady Gaga. People know her as one great performer who can sing and make music. She became a phenomenon in the entertainment industry. Yet, people maybe do not pay attention to her different side. They do not even care about lady gaga birthday. They see her as a success package as she is today.

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There is nothing wrong to learn more the story about Gaga although they are not part of the Little Monster for sure. She was born on 29th March 1986. She was not Lady Gaga at that time because her parents gave her name Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta. She was living on the Upper East Side of Manhattan but it seems like both of her parents come from the lower class family so they work a lot to get anything. One thing for sure, she was born in the Catholic family so she practices Catholicism.

In 2014, Gaga was shared her story about being raped when she was 19. This can be the reason why people are asking about how old is lady gaga’s daughter. In fact, she was suffering because of this.


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