Lady Gaga’s Dive Bar Tour with Bud Light

lady-gaga-bud-lightIt seems like when people are talking about Lady Gaga, the unique or eccentric term cannot be separated from her. It is true that her previous works always came with element of surprise. People were surprised but they could not deny that Lady Gaga can really offer a great works to public. People can still find the element of surprise from her latest studio album entitled Joanne. She made the music which is completely different from her former albums after all.

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Some people think that Lady Gaga lose her touch a little bit in this album but people can see that there is unique thing which is offered by her for promoting her new album. The collaboration of lady gaga bud light for her promotional tour surely was the unique thing which can be found from her. Instead of making huge concert, she decided to make intimate concert in the dive bars in the US. Three dive bars were visited for this promotional tour and Bud Light became the sponsor for this promotional tour.

The lady gaga dive bar tour schedule could be found in October 2016. Live streaming of he performance could be enjoyed through the Bud Light and Lady Gaga official Facebook page.


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