Eddie Lacy Weight Loss and All the Crucial Things

Just because it is the off season period, it doesn’t mean that you can’t get any income – well, not if you are an NFL star like Eddie Lacy. He was claimed to have weight issue that affected his overall performance – which was actually too bad, considering that he was talented and good at what he was doing. But it is about to change because he is now taking part in the weight loss program, called as Eddie Lacy weight loss, with a perk. For every target weight he manages to reach, he can enjoy $55,000. If he manages to reach the total goal in the end, he can enjoy a total $300,000. Such a sweet offer, right?


The Program and the Efficiency

His love to Chinese food was one of the major reasons why he got the weight issue from the first place. When he started his professional career as the NFL player, he started with a weight of around 230 pounds something, which can considered quite ideal for his 5 feet 11 inches height. But he loves Chinese foods and the joints are found around the location of the practice. But the management has started to think about a great incentive when they hired him. So when Lacy agreed to sign a contract with the Seattle Seahawks, they offered him the money reward for his weight loss.


It is a good thing that Lacy is consulting with the professional. He hired Tony Horton, the founder of the PX90, a program that is known for the difficult level. The program is difficult but it can make you ripped, for sure. And it is likely that the Eddie Lacy weight loss program includes the popular PX90, boxing, and basketball – the two latter ones are his favorite sports. And let’s not forget that he should also watch his meal consumption.


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