Eddie Lacy Weight Loss and All the Crucial Things

Just because it is the off season period, it doesn’t mean that you can’t get any income – well, not if you are an NFL star like Eddie Lacy. He was claimed to have weight issue that affected his overall performance – which was actually too bad, considering that he was talented and good at what he was doing. But it is about to change because he is now taking part in the weight loss program, called as Eddie Lacy weight loss, with a perk. For every target weight he manages to reach, he can enjoy $55,000. If he manages to reach the total goal in the end, he can enjoy a total $300,000. Such a sweet offer, right?


The Program and the Efficiency

His love to Chinese food was one of the major reasons why he got the weight issue from the first place. When he started his professional career as the NFL player, he started with a weight of around 230 pounds something, which can considered quite ideal for his 5 feet 11 inches height. But he loves Chinese foods and the joints are found around the location of the practice. But the management has started to think about a great incentive when they hired him. So when Lacy agreed to sign a contract with the Seattle Seahawks, they offered him the money reward for his weight loss.


It is a good thing that Lacy is consulting with the professional. He hired Tony Horton, the founder of the PX90, a program that is known for the difficult level. The program is difficult but it can make you ripped, for sure. And it is likely that the Eddie Lacy weight loss program includes the popular PX90, boxing, and basketball – the two latter ones are his favorite sports. And let’s not forget that he should also watch his meal consumption.


IHOP offering $1 for pancakes on Tuesday

nearest ihopOn Tuesday, IHOP will drop the cost of its acclaimed buttermilk flapjacks for a decent purpose. ~by News and Guts

The breakfast eatery will offer $1 short stacks at taking an interest IHOP areas from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. All returns from deals will profit ‘No Child Hungry,’ a not-for-profit association that battles to end adolescence hunger.

The advancement is feast in just and is not legitimate with different coupons or rebates. The arrangement is likewise constrained to one short stack for each visitor.~by News Austin

Different Side of Gaga

lady-gaga-birthdayPeople usually see other people when they are at their top position. There is no doubt that this is something which can be seen often from the celebrities including Lady Gaga. People know her as one great performer who can sing and make music. She became a phenomenon in the entertainment industry. Yet, people maybe do not pay attention to her different side. They do not even care about lady gaga birthday. They see her as a success package as she is today.

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There is nothing wrong to learn more the story about Gaga although they are not part of the Little Monster for sure. She was born on 29th March 1986. She was not Lady Gaga at that time because her parents gave her name Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta. She was living on the Upper East Side of Manhattan but it seems like both of her parents come from the lower class family so they work a lot to get anything. One thing for sure, she was born in the Catholic family so she practices Catholicism.

In 2014, Gaga was shared her story about being raped when she was 19. This can be the reason why people are asking about how old is lady gaga’s daughter. In fact, she was suffering because of this.

Lady Gaga’s Dive Bar Tour with Bud Light

lady-gaga-bud-lightIt seems like when people are talking about Lady Gaga, the unique or eccentric term cannot be separated from her. It is true that her previous works always came with element of surprise. People were surprised but they could not deny that Lady Gaga can really offer a great works to public. People can still find the element of surprise from her latest studio album entitled Joanne. She made the music which is completely different from her former albums after all.

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Some people think that Lady Gaga lose her touch a little bit in this album but people can see that there is unique thing which is offered by her for promoting her new album. The collaboration of lady gaga bud light for her promotional tour surely was the unique thing which can be found from her. Instead of making huge concert, she decided to make intimate concert in the dive bars in the US. Three dive bars were visited for this promotional tour and Bud Light became the sponsor for this promotional tour.

The lady gaga dive bar tour schedule could be found in October 2016. Live streaming of he performance could be enjoyed through the Bud Light and Lady Gaga official Facebook page.

Who is Lady Gaga Boyfriend 2017?

lady-gaga-boyfriend-2017It is believed that the rumor of Lady Gaga boyfriend 2017 is quite surprising. Apparently, the famous singer has been dating her talent agent. Her talent agent is none other than Christian Carino. The 48 years old is reportedly has become very close to Lady Gaga. They both were spotted together in several occasions, including before the Super Bowl. This is, apparently, the first relationship rumor that Lady Gaga has after breaking up with fiancée Taylor Kinney in July 2016. When she was with Taylor Kinney, Lady Gaga was engaged and even stated that she was ready to have babies together with Taylor Kinney.

They got engaged on Valentine’s Day of 2014 but breaking up just about a year later. Before the break up, the rumor of Lady Gaga and Taylor Kinney married was just everywhere because the couple seemed to be perfectly in love with each other. However, they were not managed to sort things out and eventually breaking up. After the break up, Lady Gaga was torn apart, apparently. Today, with Christian Carino, Lady Gaga is hoped to have a better luck relationship. The talent agent, after all, has been close to Lady Gaga (even not in romantic way) for years.